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Easy integrations

Retail’s best-connected shipping software


Seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce tech stack.


Easy to set up, easy all-round
Our ready-to-go integrations with all leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento removes the need for manual processes.


Connectivity, wherever it’s needed
Quickly integrate with your existing systems as you build to scale your operations.


An open API your developers will love
Build on our Open API to create a custom shipping solution that connects efficiently with your systems and workflows.

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Fulfilment automation

Essential technology for flexible fast fulfilment


From order made to delivery booked, we help you sync, manage and book orders fast.


Smarter and faster carrier allocation
Automate manual, time-consuming, and complex courier decisions for consistent, fast and error-free shipping.


Streamlined pick and pack workflows
Our one-click printing, picklists and pack slips help your teams fulfil orders fast. Find out more about Pack and Ship.


Packaging decisions, sorted
For every single order, we’ll automatically allocate the best packaging type – even if you use custom parcel sizes.

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Multi-store management

One platform for your stores, brands and locations


Multi-store or multi-brand, no matter how complex your shipping operations, our software gives you visibility and control.


A single-view of all your stores
Our technology lets you link multiple stores and locations, so you can fulfil, book and track orders all in one place.


Empower your team
User Level permissions allow you to set parameters for individuals and stores so that the people working closest to the operation are empowered to make the right decisions.


Store recommendations
Our Recommended Store API automatically allocates orders to a store closest to the delivery destination, guaranteeing the fastest retail delivery experience every time.

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Shipping analytics

Sophisticated shipping and delivery analytics tool


We empower you to ship better by translating your delivery data into meaningful, actionable insights.


Business critical intelligence at your finger tips
Our Delivery Dashboard gives all the data you need to make informed decisions on shipping costs, transit times and carrier performance.


Your shipping data, delivered
Unlock the potential of your deliveries with our automated daily extracts of delivery data. Learn more about Reporting.


Optimise shipping cost and performance
The Shipping Optimiser generates visual insights on your freight profile and highlights how you can improve delivery performance with recommended carriers. Check out our Shipping Optimiser here.


Where your operations scale
We’re committed to your growth and success. Our dedicated account managers partner with you as you scale by sharing best-practice workflows, shipping strategies and bespoke reporting. Our dedicated account managers partner with you as you scale, giving you the continual support and guidance that your business needs to succeed.