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Shippit LITE

Shipping simplified

Shippit PLUS

Shipping technology proven to grow your business

Shippit PRO

Cutting edge shipping for leading brands

Shippit LITE Shippit PLUS Shippit PRO
Discounted Shipping Rates
Bookings surcharge
Carbon Neutral Delivery
Multi-Carrier Shipping
International Carrier Support
Extra bookings
BYO Shipping Rates $0.50/booking, up to 1,000 orders/m
$0.40/booking, up to 2,000 orders/m
$0.30/booking, up to 3,000 orders/m
$0.20/booking, up to 10,000 orders/m
Automatic courier allocation
Dangerous Goods Support
Live Quoting
Delivery Support
Order Fulfilment
Bulk Label Generation
Sync, Book & Manifest
Pick list and pack slips
Tracking & Notifications
Centralised Tracking
Email Notifications
SMS notifications
Branded Tracking Notifications
Reporting & Insights
Customer delivery satisfaction survey
Delivery Dashboard
CSV upload
Custom API integration
Customer Support
Email Support
Live-Chat Support
Telephone Support
Auto-generate return label
Branded Customer Returns Portal
Account/Store Integration
Multiple location
Multiple brand/store

Tailor Your Experience with Additional Services

Transit protection

Available with any plan protect your parcels with Transit protection, covering up to AUD 10,000 in value. Available in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Pre-negotiated drop-in rates powered by HUBBED

Available with any plan leverage HUBBED’s network of 3,000 locations open 24/7 and extended hours for deliveries and returns.

Pre-negotiated rates with Trusted Carriers

Available with the PLUS plan or above access discounted shipping rates up to 45% off.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer no-lock contracts?

Yes! All our subscription plans are billed at the end of the month, not the start. If you wish to cancel, we'll only charge you for the remainder of that month. Not the next.

Can I bring my own carrier accounts?

Sure! You can even set this up yourself from inside the app. Since we don’t own the accounts, these bookings won't be covered by our Recipient Support team.

What is your support like?

We have dedicated support agents ready to help and keep your deliveries on track. Queries are generally answered within the hour during business hours, Mon-Fri.

Can I link multiple accounts together?

Yes. You can easily combine multiple accounts so they can be managed with just one login.

What payment methods are required?

Billing for shipping and software is by credit card only. High volume clients, please get in touch for separate arrangements.