Innovation in Last Mile Delivery

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Inside you’ll find the latest market trends that are impacting shipping, including:

  • The current eCommerce landscape
  • How some of the globe’s biggest retail giants are coping with major shopping events like Black Friday
  • Why perfecting your shipping strategy is the key to perfecting last mile deliveries



Turn shipping into your competitive advantage

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Convert more sales

Start offering multiple delivery options at your checkout to convert more sales.
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Automate shipping and returns

Streamline packing & shipping decisions so you can focus on doing what you love.
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Reduce complaints

Keep your customers informed with an amazing experience that stops them begging you for updates.
“We chose Shippit over Temando as the superior shipping platform due to its unique carrier allocation technology and focus on the customer experience during delivery. This enabled significant competitive advantage for us in Australia & New Zealand. We need Shippit to expand faster into other markets so we can give our customers across Asia the same experience!”
Ludovic Terru, Chief Logistics Officer
Ludovic Terru