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Episode 4: Lockdown logistics

In Episode 4 of Lockdown Logistics, hear from Shippit's CEO, about how regional Australia is doing off the back of the buying frenzy experienced in most regions.

For more insights and a better understanding of how you can make the most of the situation, come back next week for the final episode of Lockdown Logistics.
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Data-driven decisions

We hope you have enjoyed hearing from the leaders of digital transformation at top Australian retailers.

In the final chapter of The Retailers Guide to Lockdown 2021, you’ll hear from Purush Ram, Head of Fulfilment, about their journey accelerating digital transformation by using data to gauge and forecast customer sentiment and demand.

Episode 3: Lockdown logistics

In this episode of Lockdown Logistics, hear from Shippit's Head of Customer Experience, Stephanie Etherington-Bell, as we deep dive into what people are buying online.

Check out Episode 4 of Lockdown Logistics!
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Dealing with demand

In Chapter 3 of The Retailers Guide to Lockdown 2021, you’ll hear from Matt Hassall, Supply Chain Management at Super Retail Group, about their journey of dealing with higher than peak-season volumes and how they prepared for growing demand.

Be sure to check back next week for the final chapter of this series!

Episode 2: Lockdown logistics

In this episode, you'll hear from Shippit's Enterprise Success Lead Harpreet Dhillion, as we try to understand what people end up buying more of in a longer lockdown.

Check out Episode 3 of Lockdown Logistics!
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Growth

In Chapter 2 of The Retailers Guide to Lockdown 2021, you’ll hear from Nhung Tran, Logistics Manager at APG & Co, about their journey to quickly activate ship-from-store from over 90 locations in order to keep up with growing online sales.

Check out Chapter 3!

Episode 1: Lockdown logistics

Introducing Lockdown Logistics - a series devoted to how retailers can not just cope but thrive under lockdown conditions.

In this episode, hear from Shippit's CEO Rob Hango-Zada, about what we are experiencing in Lockdown 2021 and how that compares to what was purchased in 2020.

Check out Episode 2 of Lockdown Logistics!
Chapter 1 (1)

Chapter 1: Resilience

In Chapter 1 of The Retailers Guide to Lockdown 2021, you’ll hear from Shane Lenton, Chief Innovation Officer at Cue Clothing Co, about how their digital transformation has made them resilient to recent events and put them in a position to increase their average transaction value.

Check out Chapter 2!

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