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The most effective carbon neutral delivery services for Australian retailers

To support a sustainable future, we partner with an internationally recognised carbon solutions provider, the Carbon Neutral Group, to reduce our climate impact to zero. We do this by offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions for every delivery booked through our software using our exclusive delivery rates.

How does 100% carbon neutral delivery work?

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For deliveries booked on Shippit's delivery services, Shippit measures how much carbon is generated by our courier partners from the moment a parcel is picked up to the moment it's delivered.
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Based on this calculation, we purchase carbon offsets to support projects that prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount to achieve net-zero emissions overall.
Global Warming

Not only do we neutralise the carbon emitted by our courier partners, but the offset projects we invest in also deliver economic, community and social benefits.

Ship anywhere in the world using 100% carbon neutral delivery

Whether it's standard, express, same day or international, deliveries booked on Shippit's discounted rates are 100% carbon neutral.

Frequently asked questions

How do I offset the carbon from deliveries on my own rates?

Currently, only deliveries completed on Shippit’s rates are 100% carbon neutral. Deliveries booked on pre-negotiated rates that are connected to Shippit are not offset and thus, not carbon neutral. To ensure your business and BYO deliveries are carbon neutral, please get in touch with our carbon solutions provider. Stay tuned. In the near feature, the ability to offset deliveries made on your rates will be available on the Shippit platform.

Does a 100% carbon neutral delivery cost more?

No, our 100% carbon neutral deliveries come at no additional cost when booked on Shippit’s discounted delivery services. It’s part of Shippit’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Does the 100% carbon neutral promise really apply to all different modes of delivery?

Yes. All of Shippit’s discounted delivery services are available to be 100% carbon neutral including Standard, Express, Same Day, International and On-Demand Delivery. Deliveries book on rates that you have pre-negotiated and connected to your Shippit are not carbon neutral. We’re currently working on allowing retailers to offset their BYO deliveries from within Shippit.