The Omnichannel retail concept is rapidly expanding in Australia, with expectations that it will double in the near future. Several retailers in the area have offered benefits such as flat rates, reasonable standard rates, and free shipping, along with mastering hassle-free returns.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these Australian vendors are benefiting from the advantages of opting for omnichannel. In fact, 70% of consumers want some flexibility in their shipping options. According to Periscope Research, 78% of retailers are aware their consumers aren’t getting a unified experience in terms of retail marketing.

If you’re one of those online retailers looking for ways to excel in omnichannel retail, there’s a lot to implement. Let’s look at a few ways in which they can start making full use of the omnichannel strategy:


Embrace Optionality

A recent report we ran into the state of omnichannel retail in Australia shows 61% of online shoppers want flexible deliveries – but how many retailers are offering it? Here’s a snapshot of our findings from our state of omnichannel retail and shipping:

  • While not every retailer offers express shipping, standard shipping is the go-to
  • Only 8% of retailers sampled offer same-day shipping; a whopping 61% of customers expect 1-3 hour shipping
  • Click and collect is still an underutilised option, providing a huge opportunity for retailers to embrace omnichannel
  • Offering delivery choices at checkout converts more customers and contributes to a better shopping experience
  • Options don’t need to be complicated, even a choice between standard and express can have an impact


Consumers Want Convenience

Almost half of online shoppers give a shipping address outside their home. With most people at work during the day, when shopping online, consumers are mainly driven by the convenience factor. This is what our insights reveal:

  • Consumers will pay more for faster delivery, even if there’s a free shipping option
  • Faster shipping options will increase conversion rates, especially during peak buying periods such as weekends or the holiday season
  • Consumers expect their order to be delivered within a specified timeframe. This is why it’s beneficial to share ETAs at checkout so shoppers can make informed choices
  • Opting for a multi-carrier strategy is smart. Not only does this offer consumers convenience, but it gives online retailers leverage to find simpler ways ship


Smarter Shipping Choices

When it comes to making the most of omnichannel opportunities, opting for a cloud-based shipping platform can help you turn shipping into a competitive advantage. Plugging into a platform like Shippit helps you make smarter choices, keep an eye on your insights and data and take the manual heavy lifting out of carrier selection, tracking and returns.

Switching to Shippit can also help in cost-recovery of free delivery and up the ante when it comes to customer experience. Let’s look into it in detail:

  • Offering the option of paid express delivery gives your customers a choice and can help offset the cost of free shipping
  • Leveraging multi-carrier options means you can give your customers several delivery options at checkout and with choice upping conversions, this is a major win
  • With 92% of customers returning to retailers with an easy return process, it pays to automate and streamline the returns process
  • Taking the guesswork out of packing and shipping decisions means retailers are coming at shipping strategically
  • Automated tracking and order notifications mean customers don’t have to ask repeatedly for updates; more peace of mind and fewer complaints


The Numbers Speak for Themselves

A recent analysis of our data shows Shippit merchants grow 5 times faster than other merchants. Plugging into Shippit means you can expect the volume of your orders to increase by around 40%. Here are a few different ways merchants have grown by making smarter shipping choices:

  • Small businesses using Shippit have grown by 6%, medium businesses by 27%, and large businesses by 60%
  • Retailers offering international shipping have grown by 41%
  • Retailers using Shippit to ship to NZ have grown by 57%
  • Online retailers expanding their domestic footprint have grown by 39%


Wrapping Up

It’s clear offering options and adopting an omnichannel approach to shipping presents a tremendous opportunity for online retailers. Retailers that have adopted choice at the checkout have experienced higher conversions and customer satisfaction. Retailers looking to turn shipping into a competitive advantage need to think more flexibly and strategically about their shipping strategies.

To find out how Shippit can help you leverage choice and make smarter shipping choices, click here.


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