The secret to growth for Clean Treat’s Founder Charlie de Haas may be true grit, the right partnerships and a clear purpose, but for her, growth doesn’t necessarily equal success. For Charlie it’s the team she’s built around her and the space in which space they work, that really makes her proud. Her advice would be to do it the right way from the start, so you won’t have to fix things later.



What follows is the full interview on how the Founder and Director of The Clean Treats Factory overcame her toughest challenges and shares her lessons hard learnt.


If you could do it all over again, what would you have done differently? Why would you have done it differently?

If I was to look back and do anything differently, it would be to pay some professionals with the little money I did have and set the business up the right way. Rather than now, having to go back and fix some things. It’s about business. It’s about setting up your logos, trademarks, getting all of your t’s crossed and I’s dotted before you have to go back and fix and tidy everything up.


What would you say to retailers who want to double or triple the size of their business?

If you’re looking to double or triple your business, it’s about looking outside your business. Now there’s so many ways to integrate, work with different companies, new ways to have opportunities, partnerships and collaborations. It’s not just about you as a business. It’s about people you can build with, grow with. Utilise different expertise across different companies and different strengths.

You’ve got to look at new ways to do things. It’s looking outside of the square and not being afraid of the no. You have to be able to approach people and look at business as sales. It all comes down to numbers and the amount of opportunities.


Are you happy with the business that you have built today? What are you most proud of?

My favourite thing is our team of 13. Also that we’re sitting in a space is a dream reality.

Something that is amazing is that my team are building their own dreams within my dreams. That is the most priceless thing I could ever ask for.

It’s about creating change from the food we eat within but also from our team within. We have so many beautiful gestures, but calling each other family changes the way we act, think and feel towards each other, which is the most amazing special thing I could ever dream about.

I’m just in love with my team. Some of the words they write and say to me I couldn’t even imagine that these things would be said about me, about my dream or what we’ve created… and even them having a giggle is so heartwarming and the most beautiful thing… these are my family you know.


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