Magento is one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms. 

It hosts over 70,000 websites and owns over 4.2% of the retail marketing, the majority of this being large to enterprise-sized businesses. 

Magento is built for unlimited potential, scalability, customisation and is packed with built-in features and add-on extensions. 

We’ve distilled some of the top Magento extensions that cover the customer journey from attraction to post-purchase to ensure you have the extensions to grow your business. 


Get more customers from Instagram

We can never have too many customers, right?

Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users, so if you’re looking for an easy way to attract new customers, you should consider making your products available through the world’s most popular image-sharing platform.

Instagram works well for eCommerce businesses because at heart it’s a visual medium that provides access to high intent buyers. 

magento extensions instagram

Magenest builds their extension to help you capitalise off this. 

They’ve got a range of features to boost your Instagram engagement, but our feature pick allows you to add thumbnails to your Instagram photos so you can turn casual browsers into active buyers on your site. 

Read more about their Magento extension here.


Make more sales with Yotpo

Most shoppers today want to see how other buyers feel about a product before they buy. This means they’ll often research online about your business before committing to a purchase. With so many reviews sites available, there’s no doubt your customers will be able to research your products quickly and easily. 

Sounds great, yeah? There’s just one catch though …

When customers want to learn more about your products, they’ll generally leave your main site to research on other sites like Facebook, Amazon (if they can access your products there), or even just through Google Reviews. 

Yotpo gives you the power to serve reviews about your products right on the product page your potential customers are viewing. Yotpo gives you the power to customise how your reviews look and also gives you the ability to measure the performance of your reviews so you can directly attribute it to sales. The greatest thing about that is that you can do all this without ever making your customers leave your site. 

Find out more about Yotpo here.

Read more about their Magento extension here.

magento extensions yotpo

Remove the friction from payments

magento extensions payment types

Before you skip this section, hear us out. If you’re selling online, you most likely already have a method to collect payments online. Which is great! You probably wouldn’t be in business with it.

So why bother with a payment extension in the first place?

Cart abandonment rates have reached over 75% globally. Now not all of these abandoned carts are due to payment options, but if a customer doesn’t have access to their preferred payment method they won’t proceed with the order. 

These days, customers want access to PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay, and if they don’t have that option available, they won’t want to type in their credit card manually. 

We recommend Braintree’s Magento extension as it gives you the ability to offer more options at the checkout

Learn more about Braintree’s Magento extension here


Offer more shipping options and better tracking with Shippit

Magento has in-built fulfilment functionality, and if you have a low volume of orders, these features are perfectly adequate to get your orders to your customers.

As businesses grow, they find they need a more powerful shipping solution to optimise their fulfilment workflow. One of the challenges Magento users often have is having to manually find shipping quotes and then copy-pasting the tracking information in their Magento cart manually.

When you have hundreds of orders each month, you can imagine this can become very tiring, very quickly. 

This is why we recommend Shippit’s Magento extension. It was built to auto-sync orders to the cheapest of fast couriers, it pushes delivery tracking information to customers, and feeds delivery comments back into Magento.

magento extensions shippit

On top of that, it allows you to offer live courier quotes in your Magento shopping cart as well as enabling multi-store fulfilment for larger retailers. 

Learn more about Shippit here.

Read more about our Magento extension here.


Get back to customers faster with Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is on the most highly rated chat apps on the market because it pools all your help and support request into one place. 

Considering that over 26% of customers view customer service as a deal-breaker, it’s never been more important to respond to customer enquiries and complaints promptly. 

You can trial a Zendesk account for free, and if you’re happy with the improvements it makes to customer retention, consider purchasing the Zendesk Chat extension for $39. 

Using an extension like this sounds like an added expense, however, it will allow you to use customer data and purchase history in chats, and you’ll have the flexibility to enable it on the pages most important to customers, like your product pages. 

magento extensions zendesk

Ready to take your Magento store to the next level? Chat with our solution experts to see how Shippit works with Magento on a multi-store, multi-location level to ensure you’re not bogged down by complex fulfilment structures.