Marketers have an understandably strong focus on the marketing funnel. We’re all familiar with the stages of awareness, consideration and decision. Delighting existing customers and encouraging referrals are often less actively pursued.

Did you know that shipping notifications and tracking alerts are a sure-fire way to build word of mouth and customer referrals? Eliminating the disconnect between pre and post-checkout experiences can improve your customer experience. In turn, this helps to complete the growth loop.

What happens after the funnel?

A lot of effort goes into moving potential customers through the sales funnel. Unfortunately, sales funnels only go in one direction and don’t leave much room for nurturing existing customer relationships. Don’t let all that work go to waste!

growth loop for better shipping

Returning customers have the advantage of being familiar with your brand and your products. New customers are also most likely to buy a product based on a recommendation from friends and family. Ideally, your happiest customers will become self-motivated ambassadors for your brand, spreading the word without you having to spend a cent on advertising.

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A positive experience from purchase to delivery

Positive experiences are as vital to customer satisfaction as quality products. For eCommerce businesses, this means an easy to navigate website, clear communication, and a simple checkout process. However, the customer’s interaction with your business doesn’t just end when their order is dispatched from your warehouse.

Even if you get everything else right, a poor shipping experience can really put a dampener on customer loyalty. Shippit will send your customers realtime tracking updates via SMS and email. We even have delay avoidance technology that will detect potential hold-ups and prevent them from creating a poor customer experience.

Brand continuity

One way to continue the brand experience is to brand emails and tracking pages with your colours and logo. Your customers will associate the clear, accurate, and timely communication with your brand, bolstering their goodwill.

Branded shipping drives referrals

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Bring them back—and their friends

Of course, we can’t rely on existing customers for all future sales—no customer base is that big! A great option for employing your customer base to drive sales is to offer rewards for referrals or reviews. A small voucher or discount gives you another sale and gets the word out about your brand.

People are four times more likely to purchase from a company recommended by a friend. Close the growth loop by offering your existing customers a reward for referring a friend.

Make use of your tracking emails

As well as your company’s branding, the tracking page has a designated space for a banner ad of your choice. Use this to let customers know about upcoming sales or even offer a discount on their next order. Leverage the anticipation and excitement of the purchase in your favour by engaging them when they are at their most impressionable.

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