In the spirit of looking back on 2022, we hosted a Retailer Retrospective event at Shippit HQ with BigCommerce, Airwallex, and Refundid to share our key takeaways with the eCommerce community to help drive growth and action in 2023.

Retailers like bassike, Barbeques Galore Pty Ltd, Crockd, and Mwave Australia gathered ’round to reflect on what retailers should 🚦 start, stop, start and continue doing in 2023.

We’ve summarised the top key takeaways and insights from the retailers in attendance.

Check it out:

Each roundtable shared key insights and learnings from 2022, and where retailers are focussing their efforts in 2023.

A few notable nuggets of gold shared at our roundtable discussions, include:

πŸ“ˆ Customer retention is more important than acquisition this year due to rising marketing costs.
πŸ“’ Transparent communication and delivery ETAs throughout the last mile delivery journey will increase customer lifetime value.
πŸ’» Using your own data to be able to forecast the future capture and understand customer data better.
πŸ›’ Seamless returns and refunds between brick and mortar stores, marketplaces eCommerce is a top priority for retailers.
:rocket:And more.

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